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Artist ID #19: Lizzie Feather

Lizzie Feather

Lives and works in Shefflied, UK


“Lizzie works with performance and sculpture to create and disrupt meticulously ordered materials, which are often suspended or balanced to reveal points of tension and the anxieties inherent in a sense of imminent collapse.” (from Bloc Projects website)

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Artist ID #17: Lilah Fowler

Lilah Fowler

Lives and works in London (b.1981, London, England)


“Lilah Fowler’s sculptures, prints and other elements take on the combined form of intricate installations that question the common, mutable languages that shape how we interpret our surroundings. Drawing on sources including urban planning, architectural design values and overlooked, overfamiliar objects, they are a collection of clues that shape ones own understanding of placement within natural and urban architectural space. In that encounter, Fowler’s practice attempts to level art, architecture, and design as equally part of a web of social, philosophical and experiential constructs.” (Artist’s statement)

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Artist ID #14: Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm

Lives and works in Vienna and Limberg, Austria (b. 1954)


“Most artworks try to represent something lofty and important, but I find pathos repulsive. I want to address serious matters but in a light way. Even when we speak about illness or tragedy, for example, it should be possible to speak in a light way. (…) Many artists are good at making the easy difficult. I’m interested in making the difficult easy. That does not necessarily mean making it light in a stupid way. I’m not speaking about the surface. I’m speaking about the content.” (Interview from Museo Magazine)

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Artist ID #10: Cristian Andersen

Cristian Andersen

Lives and works in Zürich (b. 1974, Danemark)

Artist’s Page at Galerie Bob von Orsouw

“Cristian Andersen’s playful sculptures combine found objects recast in new materials and stacked in precarious totems. The final form piles one object atop another defying gravity with astonishing balance. From construction materials to cowboy hats, each object is absorbed into a new sculptural assemblage, creating whimsical moments of discovery as we move around the sculpture.” (From Public Art Fund)

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Artist ID #5: Esther Ruiz

Esther Ruiz

Lives and works in New York (US)


“My work serves to physically commemorate and celebrate ideas, thoughts, words, instincts, feelings, passions, actions, secrets, fears, loves, hates, unknowns, curiosities, wonderments, knowledge, stupidities, explorations, events, emotions, places, spaces, and things that are drawn in my mind and stick long enough to share with you.”

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Lynn Chadwick: Retrospectives at Blain Southern

For the centenary of Lynn Chadwick’s birth, Blain Southern gives the artist a nice gift by organising a large survey of his work across the gallery’s three spaces in London, New York and Berlin. The British sculptor, who died in 2003, is seen as a key figure in post war British sculpture. In perfect harmony with his time, he was one of the first to incorporate industrial materials, such as steel, bronze or wood, in his works . He used to describe his sculptures, halfway between figuration and abstraction, as ways to study movement and position. The beautifully designed exhibition succeeds in giving a complete overview of Lynn’s remarkable work and paying a much deserved tribute to the late sculptor.

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RCA Show 2014

As every year, the Royal College of Art in London manages to surprise with its Summer Show, giving us the chance to discover many new and promising talents. Usually, you leave the exhibition with your bag full of nice postcards and business cards, but more importantly, with an endless list of young artists to follow and further research on. The Fine Art section, located in the Battersea Buildings, offers a vast selection of artworks ranging from painting to printmaking, also including sculpture and photography works. In the building next door, the School of Materials showcases an impressive collection of ceramics, glass objects, gold and silver work, as well as fashion and textile designs. So to say: there is something for every taste!

Here is a selection of the best new talents:

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Artist ID #2: Jose Dávila

Jose Dávila

Lives and work in Guadalajara, México


“I’m naturally and have always been fascinated by art. I’m an artist but also a viewer, part of an audience; and I like to research and read about art. (…) I’m inspired by artists that generate universes through prolific creativity. I’m very much influenced by Minimalist and Conceptual American art, and also by Brazil’s Neo-concrete movement.”

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