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Photo Series #16: Assembly by Osamu Yokonami

Osamu Yokonami

Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan (b. 1967, Kyoto, Japan)


“I love incorporating nature in my photographs and leaving out man-made elements. Buildings and any other piece of architecture make it easy to identify what place you are looking at, but with nature it’s harder to guess. This allows me to work with an anonymous place. The subjects pop out more in a natural setting, too.” (Interview from Fotografia Magazine)

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Photo Series #15: RV Night by Frank Hallam Day

Frank Hallam Day

Lives and works in Washington


“These images of RVs lodged deeply in night jungles suggest a humanity isolated from a dark, unpredictable nature. The powerful sense of displacement and alienation from the natural world conveys a relationship with nature in which something has gone very wrong. The occupants of these glowing ‘life support pods’ are hermetically sealed off from the natural world looming darkly just beyond. (…) The RVs are the night song of a dark American dream, lovely and glowing, yet somehow toxic and chilling.” *

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Photo Series #14: Echelle 1/1 by Cédric Delsaux

Cédric Delsaux

Lives and works in Paris (b. 1974, France).


“The singular approach I use enable us to reconsider both the characters and the landscape in which they stand. By stepping on this white circular base, the bystanders encountered in the street instantly become figurines at scale 1. This base enables them to change status: from simple passerby they become the actors of a large ‘Comédie Humaine’ [human comedy].” (From Latestedebuch)

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Photo Series #13: Interiors by Koo Bohnchang

Koo Bohnchang

Lives and works in Seoul, Korea.


“Once an image is engraved into our minds or brains, we keep reproducing it again and again. I felt like it is a process of getting to know myself. This does not mean that my perspective remains in the past though. Time passes and I also change and grow. Based on this, the frames at this moment are filtered. These are expressed in pictures as a way I see the world. The experiences from my past are the filters of my eyes and heart. When I look at an object and try to interpret it, it is interpreted and portrayed newly in this world.” (Interview from VM Space)

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Photo Series #12: Modern world by Andreas Levers

Andreas Levers

Lives and works in Postdam.


“I really forced myself to see a scene in only two dimensions and cover one eye to shift my perception of a room. If the environment allows it I walk around with the viewfinder raised to my eye and closely watch how objects and lines change while I move slowly. With all these approaches I try to close a gap between the experience and what I can capture.” *

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Photo Series #11: Ecce Homo by Evelyn Bencicova

Evelyn Bencicova

Lives and works in Berlin (b.  Bratislava, Slovakia)


“I take the pictures of people, but they are not real. Usually they just represent something, someone, anyone. But still, my photos are not about them. It is not about who is on the picture but what is on the picture, what is happening, what is present. The picture is already in my head and I’m just trying to transform the vision into reality with a little help from accidents and improvisation. To take the picture is for me only the last step, the easiest one. My work is to create the whole illusion, which eventually becomes real for a moment. That’s the magic.” (from We Are Visual Animals)

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Photo Series #10: A Child’s Landscape by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

(b. 1966, UK)


“I wish that I could travel to undiscovered lands with towering cliffs and terrifying storms – but I cannot. So I make images in my studio using local rocks and things that I find. The landscapes that I build are as a child would imagine them to be – full of drama, excitement and adventure. I do not use computer textures or filters. I use my hands to dodge and burn the clouds and reflections over the long exposure time.” (Artist’s statement)

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Photo Series #9: Even This Will Pass by Aida Silvestri

Aida Silvestri

(b. 1978, Eritrea)


“This body of work depicts the journeys and experiences of Eritrean refugees into the United Kingdom. (…) The title echoes a message found on the walls of Sinai Mountain: Even This Will Pass. This sentiment of hope, together with a map of the refugees’ journeys, fragmented stories and mug shots are the blueprint for this body of work. It aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and to bring to light different experiences and difficulties that my sitters faced on an uncertain voyage to exile which can sometimes be dreadful.” (Artist’s statement)

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Photo Series #8: Flora Olbiensis by Erwan Frotin

Erwan Frotin

(b. 1978, Toulon, France)


“Erwan Frotin’s strange and evocative images renew the photographic genres which his work broaches by questioning their very specificities through his own particular approach to the subjects he portrays.  (…) His corpus of work has become a panorama that attempts to record the beauty and diversity of the natural world, heightened and enhanced by the prism of the photographer’s own fantasies.”(…) Since 2008, Erwan Frotin has adopted an intuitive and protean approach to his work which consists in cataloguing rare natural forms and organisms. Using documentary material as his starting point, Frotin’s work unravels a nebulous, primary and sensorial story. (Artist’s Statement)

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