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Artist ID #6: Klaas Kloosterboer

Klaas Kloosterboer

Lives and works in Amsterdam (b.1959, Schermer)


“You could call my work abstract. It does not depict or
resemble anything in particular. Instead of calling my work abstract, I´d rather refer to it as concrete. (…) My work is based on certain particular notions. These notions derive from my activities in the studio, from my thinking and acting as an artist. To me, these notions are determining realizations which I call ‘laws’. One of these laws is: “To be does not coincide with to do”
Other laws are: “Meaningful actions are acted actions”, “The other knows more, sees more, feels more than I do” and “The work does not matter”. A more recent law is: “Everything can be anything.” For a part my work consists of a programmatic executing of these axioms or laws.” (interview by Peter Nijenhuis)

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