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Photo Series #4: White Africans by Katharine Cooper

Katharine Cooper

(b. 1978, Grahamstown, South Africa)


“I cannot produce a photograph without some sort of connection, however brief, with the person that I am photographing. The people in Coronation Park, for example, were squatters, and I lived with them for a week in order to really immerse myself. I cannot create an image out of nothing: getting to know them is important, as is the character of the person, how they interact with one another, and that is only possible once they are at ease. It is at that moment that something happens. I love it when I miss something, when the subjects react and bring me a little closer to their lives. In this way a sort of magic is created. The portraits are taken from forward facing positions, which is very important for me.” (Interview from the Art Media Agency)

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