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Artist ID #19: Lizzie Feather

Lizzie Feather

Lives and works in Shefflied, UK


“Lizzie works with performance and sculpture to create and disrupt meticulously ordered materials, which are often suspended or balanced to reveal points of tension and the anxieties inherent in a sense of imminent collapse.” (from Bloc Projects website)

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Artist ID #18: Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell

Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada (b. Montréal)


“Materials are really what tweaks my brain; I’ll find something, a piece of paper or fabric that resonates with me and I have to use it. The things I make are a response to the materials first and then I think the visual catalogue of my environment that I have developed in my photo making is what helps form subject in my work. (…) I think of those works like the paintings I couldn’t make in paint. The change of material has really satisfied the painting process for me, in a roundabout way.” (Interview from Little Paper Planes)

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Artist ID #16: Guillaume Leblon

Guillaume Leblon

Lives and works in Paris (b. 1971, Lille, France).

Artist’s page on Gallerie Jocelyn Wolff website.

“When an object quits my studio, it might not be accomplished. The accomplishment is achieved in its destination. In other words, between the moment it quits the studio and the moment it is positioned in the museum, there is instability. The studio is not the site of completion. It’s the exhibition context which completes the work.” *

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Artist ID #12: Adeline de Monseignat

Adeline de Monseignat

Lives and works in London (b.1987)


“I investigate ways in which inanimate objects can trigger emotional responses and even hold a sense of presence and life. I thus attempt to inject ‘Life’ – from German Leib ‘body’ – into my creations by giving them a body, a soul and a story.” (Artist’s Statement)

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Artist ID #9: Colleen Heslin

Colleen Heslin

(b. 1976, Toronto, Canada)


“Activated by formal abstract histories and craft techniques, I construct abstract paintings using experimental dying techniques on second hand domestic fibers. (…) This multi-media process invites the emergence new forms through formal explorations of surface, texture and mark making. The resulting frayed boundaries between mediums and pastiche address the post-medium condition of painting along with patterns of contemporary excess. Engaging with hands-on production I seek to address and explore metaphysical concerns relating to objects, causality and material relationships.” (artist’s statement)

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Artist ID #7: Blake Rayne

Blake Rayne

Lives and works in New York (b. 1969, Lewes, Delaware)


“The painting doesn’t exist solely as a material object but as a vehicle with which to articulate a conceptual idea—a practice continually being shaped by linguistic, institutional and physical relations and not defined by any static or ahistorical definition that might characterize painting as purely visual.”(Marina Cashdan, quoted in the press release from 1301PE)

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