Artist ID #18: Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell

Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada (b. Montréal)

“Materials are really what tweaks my brain; I’ll find something, a piece of paper or fabric that resonates with me and I have to use it. The things I make are a response to the materials first and then I think the visual catalogue of my environment that I have developed in my photo making is what helps form subject in my work. (…) I think of those works like the paintings I couldn’t make in paint. The change of material has really satisfied the painting process for me, in a roundabout way.” (Interview from Little Paper Planes)

Top 5 works:

Jessica Bell, Vessel Painting, 2012
Jessica Bell, Vessel Painting, 2012
Jessica Bell, Apologies, 2014
Jessica Bell, Apologies, 2014
Jessica Bell, Landscape Painting, 2013
Jessica Bell, Should we stop here?, 2013-14
Fix 3
Jessica Bell, Fix, 2014

“I am a big information collector. I would say, apart from the collection of material, deliberately collecting information is the most significant aspect of my creative practice. When my work isn’t going well, or has become anemic, it is always because I have neglected to spend time on information gathering. Over the past three years the main way I have done this is through self-initiated photo projects. (…) These photo projects are completely self-serving; I don’t think of myself as a photographer in the least; rather, these photos are notetaking techniques for me, research projects where I find out what it is I am actually interested in.” (Interview from

Visit her photographic diary at


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