Photo Series #16: Assembly by Osamu Yokonami

Osamu Yokonami

Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan (b. 1967, Kyoto, Japan)

“I love incorporating nature in my photographs and leaving out man-made elements. Buildings and any other piece of architecture make it easy to identify what place you are looking at, but with nature it’s harder to guess. This allows me to work with an anonymous place. The subjects pop out more in a natural setting, too.” (Interview from Fotografia Magazine)

Assembly, 2012

023 A-2 (from Assembly series), 2012 A-5 (from Assembly series), 2012 a-016 a-021 a-027 a-028 a-030 a-038 a-049 B-1 (from Assembly series), 2012 C-2 (from Assembly series), 2012 A-1 (from Assembly series), 2012 A-3 (from Assembly series), 2012 a-010 a-013 a-019 a-022 a-029 a-031 a-041 a-044 a-050 C-1 (from Assembly series), 2012


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