Photo Series #15: RV Night by Frank Hallam Day

Frank Hallam Day

Lives and works in Washington

“These images of RVs lodged deeply in night jungles suggest a humanity isolated from a dark, unpredictable nature. The powerful sense of displacement and alienation from the natural world conveys a relationship with nature in which something has gone very wrong. The occupants of these glowing ‘life support pods’ are hermetically sealed off from the natural world looming darkly just beyond. (…) The RVs are the night song of a dark American dream, lovely and glowing, yet somehow toxic and chilling.” *

RV Night, n.d.

PageImage-508952-3380891-96e63c8b71 PageImage-508952-3380894-2a64ef1086 PageImage-508952-3380886-7c20bf9705 PageImage-508952-3380884-6f0ece4fc1 PageImage-508952-3380883-bd7de311ff PageImage-508952-3380866-0b4d50673a PageImage-508952-3380881-80badbe232 PageImage-508952-3380876-fc0f03659a airstream trailer, florida at night oscar scherer PageImage-508952-3380867-ce170fba50 PageImage-508952-3380911-6181cb5289 PageImage-508952-3380910-9168ed859d PageImage-508952-3380904-d5212ad7df PageImage-508952-3380902-21b3b9aa55 alumascape

“The series is overtly theatrical, with the foliage surrounding the RV’s resembling scenery props, and they are intended to look staged, almost dreamlike, concocted exercises in artifice. In that sense they share the current wave of interest in the theatrical and artificial, but in fact they are not.” *

* (Interview from Creative Review)


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