Photo Series #10: A Child’s Landscape by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

(b. 1966, UK)

“I wish that I could travel to undiscovered lands with towering cliffs and terrifying storms – but I cannot. So I make images in my studio using local rocks and things that I find. The landscapes that I build are as a child would imagine them to be – full of drama, excitement and adventure. I do not use computer textures or filters. I use my hands to dodge and burn the clouds and reflections over the long exposure time.” (Artist’s statement)

A Child’s Landscape

image1image_1 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_9 image_13 image_14image_16 image_17 image_19 jackson_Mike-2 Mike_Jackson-18 Mike_Jackson-19 Poppit_Sands_89 Poppit_Sands_-2-2 Raincomingtoredowlrock

“With these photographs there is a need to switch from disbelief to belief when you look at the image. If you make that jump, remove that sense of disbelief, then you kind of revert to a more open way of looking – more of a childlike way. And when that happens your imagination allows you to smell the sea, feel the storm wind against your face, hear the gulls in the distance. You accept what is in front of you and it all comes alive.” (Artist’s statement)


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