Artist ID #12: Adeline de Monseignat

Adeline de Monseignat

Lives and works in London (b.1987)

“I investigate ways in which inanimate objects can trigger emotional responses and even hold a sense of presence and life. I thus attempt to inject ‘Life’ – from German Leib ‘body’ – into my creations by giving them a body, a soul and a story.” (Artist’s Statement)

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Photo Series #10: A Child’s Landscape by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

(b. 1966, UK)

“I wish that I could travel to undiscovered lands with towering cliffs and terrifying storms – but I cannot. So I make images in my studio using local rocks and things that I find. The landscapes that I build are as a child would imagine them to be – full of drama, excitement and adventure. I do not use computer textures or filters. I use my hands to dodge and burn the clouds and reflections over the long exposure time.” (Artist’s statement)

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Artist ID #11: Mary F. Coats

Mary F. Coats

Lives and works in Iowa City, IA (b. London, UK)

“Repetition has become an undeniable focus of my work, as I continuously pull from a catalogue of forms I have assembled. Each work can be considered as a portrayal of a unique, but simultaneously familiar, space. These are places I have been or imagined or dreamed of, spaces I have inhabited or imagined or dreamed of.” (artist’s statement)

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Summer Exhibitions at the Zabludowick Collection

This summer, the former Methodist church – turned into gallery – is housing four solo exhibitions, all working towards a new definition of sculpture. The rooms are filled with found objects from our daily lives (umbrellas, empty packaging, towels, toilet paper, clothes, etc…) which are reassembled and given new forms by the artists. Rejecting the use of conventional materials, recycling appears to be a core concept in their works where the old and unwanted is brought back to life again. Existing works from the collection face new commissions in a challenging and surprising display that finds its perfect mirror in the decaying walls of the surronding space.

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Photo Series #9: Even This Will Pass by Aida Silvestri

Aida Silvestri

(b. 1978, Eritrea)

“This body of work depicts the journeys and experiences of Eritrean refugees into the United Kingdom. (…) The title echoes a message found on the walls of Sinai Mountain: Even This Will Pass. This sentiment of hope, together with a map of the refugees’ journeys, fragmented stories and mug shots are the blueprint for this body of work. It aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and to bring to light different experiences and difficulties that my sitters faced on an uncertain voyage to exile which can sometimes be dreadful.” (Artist’s statement)

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Artist ID #10: Cristian Andersen

Cristian Andersen

Lives and works in Zürich (b. 1974, Danemark)

Artist’s Page at Galerie Bob von Orsouw

“Cristian Andersen’s playful sculptures combine found objects recast in new materials and stacked in precarious totems. The final form piles one object atop another defying gravity with astonishing balance. From construction materials to cowboy hats, each object is absorbed into a new sculptural assemblage, creating whimsical moments of discovery as we move around the sculpture.” (From Public Art Fund)

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Photo Series #8: Flora Olbiensis by Erwan Frotin

Erwan Frotin

(b. 1978, Toulon, France)

“Erwan Frotin’s strange and evocative images renew the photographic genres which his work broaches by questioning their very specificities through his own particular approach to the subjects he portrays.  (…) His corpus of work has become a panorama that attempts to record the beauty and diversity of the natural world, heightened and enhanced by the prism of the photographer’s own fantasies.”(…) Since 2008, Erwan Frotin has adopted an intuitive and protean approach to his work which consists in cataloguing rare natural forms and organisms. Using documentary material as his starting point, Frotin’s work unravels a nebulous, primary and sensorial story. (Artist’s Statement)

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Artist ID #9: Colleen Heslin

Colleen Heslin

(b. 1976, Toronto, Canada)

“Activated by formal abstract histories and craft techniques, I construct abstract paintings using experimental dying techniques on second hand domestic fibers. (…) This multi-media process invites the emergence new forms through formal explorations of surface, texture and mark making. The resulting frayed boundaries between mediums and pastiche address the post-medium condition of painting along with patterns of contemporary excess. Engaging with hands-on production I seek to address and explore metaphysical concerns relating to objects, causality and material relationships.” (artist’s statement)

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Photo Series #7: The Last Road North by Ben Huff

Ben Huff

(b. Juneau, Alaska)

“Largely, what I was trying to suss out was ‘our’ idea of ‘frontier and wilderness’ in contrast with all the oil and resource development that happens in this area of the world. (…) And, to some extent, I was trying to navigate what Alaska, and Alaska mythology, meant to me, personally.” (Interview from adn magazine)

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