Infinity: One at dalla Rosa Gallery

This summer, dalla Rosa Gallery presents a group exhibition of four contemporary artists reflecting on the vast topic of surfaces. Each artist brings one of his painting along with some works on paper, card or newspaper. The small exhibition space creates an intimate cocoon that enables dialogues between the different medium, where shapes and colours mix and respond each other.

Terry Greene

Lives and works in Yorkshire.

Installation view (artist: Terry Greene)
Installation view (artist: Terry Greene)

“My thinking at that point is, in part, that I’m engaged with drawing attention to the fact of the paint (or tape) on the loose plane of the canvas. Often tape is employed as little objects on the canvas while at the same time they are colour and light illuminating the ground. I’m particularly interested in exploring that moment between when the background and foreground don’t really meld or talk to one another and that split second that a real dialogue begins – however unrefined. Finally the canvas is re-attached to a stretcher in a rather provisional manner.” (Complete interview on Studio Critical blog)

Visit his blog for more information.

Karl Bielik
Karl Bielik, Playtime, 2014
Karl Bielik, Playtime, 2014

Lives and works in London.

“I’ll choose a painting, a colour and mix some paint and start to change things, paint over ones that aren’t working, scrape the paint off of others and start the process again. The works feed each other and slowly start to form connections, which offer temporary solutions to problems and then themselves become problems further down the line. My paintings have no hard and fast direction and while sometimes making a painting can be quick process, others will take months.” (Interview from Standard interview blog)

Listen the artist talking of his work on Vimeo and visit his website to see more works.

David Webb

Lives and works in London.

Installation view (artist: David Webb)
Installation view (artist: David Webb)

“My work involves looking for distinctive shapes and objects. I aim for them to seem curious and familiar, rather than recognizable. The idea of the painting appears (or returns to me) through paring down my source material – usually drawings – to leave the essential forms. Though un-peopled, the landscapes, buildings and objects often intimate the memory of a relationship or narrative.” (from the artist’s statement)

View the artist’s profile on Axisweb.

Gwennan Thomas
Gwennan Thomas, Untitled, 2014
Gwennan Thomas, Untitled, 2014

Lives and works in Berlin.

“I am interested in the relationship between memory and place in film and architecture and creating paintings and installations based on the visual imprint left by these. Drawing is fundamental to my practice in creating a language of motifs, negative space, shapes and lines reflecting this idea of visual residue and fragmentation within memory. I enjoy contradictions in the very material processes of painting and the immaterial or transient aspects of film.” (from the artist’s statement)

Visit the artist’s website.

Visit the dalla Rosa Gallery website for more information.




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